Betting Challenge Notice (1/22)

1/19/2018 5:19:48 AM

Hello Golfers!

We have an announcement to share about the Betting Challenge.

The current Betting Challenge season will end on January 22nd, 05:00 (GMT).
We will then proceed with the distribution.
There would not be any maintenance, so no need to wait and keep on playing the ball!

Starting from the next Betting Challenge season, some major changes will be applied.

Here are the details:

- The period of the season will change from a monthly period to a weekly period.
- Distribution for the next Betting Challenge season will change from Evolution Stone to Rubies.
- Starting from this point reset, the points will be adjusted based on the earn points of the previous Betting Challenge season (Before this change, every user started from 1,000 points at the beginning of the season).

Check out the Betting Challenge tab in game to find out for more details!

Your SOG: WC Team