4/9 Update Description

4/9/2020 1:32:05 AM

Hello Golfers. We are the Shot Online Golf : World Championship team.

We would like to share the details of the April 9 update.
Please check the details below.

1. Recraft system added
A content where you can apply additional options to your clubs and clothes (Class A and above) to upgrade them.
For more details, click on the [Recraft System Guide] link.
[Recraft System Guide]

2. Weather system added
Now there is a certain chance of rain in the Betting Challenge (Tour 4, Tour 5, Tour 6).
When it rains, Distance and Accuracy decreases by 30% and the gauge bar speed increases by 30%, requiring more careful control.

3. New Club added
The highest Class has been updated with the Class R Club.

4. Server stabilization

We always appreciate your interest and opinions regarding our game.
We will continue to try our best to provide a better gaming experience.

Thank you.