Update guide (2/26)

2/26/2018 5:09:23 AM

Hello golfers!

SOG:WC has been updated for the third time.

For the most part, this update is focused on gameplay improvements for major game content.
We also made several changes to provide a better service to users.
As we requested after the last update, please continue to send us feedback, suggestions and bug reports.
We will try our best to adjust the game to your liking.

Here's what's new and improved with the February 26th update:

1. Academy

- Lobby UI is improved

- Promotion stage changed to Boss stage
  > A valuable reward will be given when completing the Boss stage

- Improved UI display of Academy star rewards

- Users can easily play the Academy at a decreased difficulty, and partial-completion rewards have been improved

- Updated the game guide

- Total reorganization and update of the tutorial

2. Betting Challenge

- Changed rank names
  > Original: Bronze ~ Diamond
  > Changed: Amateur ~ World Pro

- Separate result table for AI that is applied for user care and matching

- Opponent's position is shown while playing a round

- Added Overall Rankings button in Betting Challenge main UI, rank symbol displays in overall rankings table
  > Rankings will be updated every hour

- Power gauge shows when using a putting guide in Betting Challenge

- Rank symbol added to My Info, opponent's info, matching loading screen and rounding

- Added rank symbol to main lobby button, loading screen and rounding.

3. Event

- Changed overall event UI
  > Various new events have been added and will be held in future
  > Event UI can be checked via [Menu] > [Event] tab

- Rewards enhanced tremendously for New-Login Event

4. Intro

- Users can play a mini-game during initial patch download
  > Rewards can be received by playing the mini-game

- Intro cut-scene when playing for the first time is shortened

- Improved character-selection screen
  > Select either a Power type or a Balance type character
  > Set a flag after character-type selection

5. Other Modifications

- Friendly matches limited to 10 times per day regardless of whom the opponent is

- Some local push notifications removed
  > When Academy Ticket becomes full
  > When Betting Challenge season starts
  > When Short Game match starts

- Odds are revealed for every random box

- Fixed an issue that blocked the sharing of videos on YouTube and Twitter

- Fixed an issue where partially completed missions were expressed incorrectly in the Academy

6. Enhanced Stat Values by Club Class

- This improvement is applied to a user's club

- The level may seem low in some clubs, but the actual distance is increased

7. Bug Fixes

- We have fixed several bugs for the convenience of our users 

We thank you for your patience and for the feedback you've beed sending us.

We'll keep on improving your favorite mobile golf game to make sure you're having as much fun as possible!

Your SOG:WC Team