Special Login Event!

2/26/2018 7:58:14 AM

Hello Golfers!

To celebrate the launch, from February 28th to March 11th (GMT), we're having a special login event!

Get rewards by accessing the game for 7 days!

Day 1 : 10,000 Gold
Day 2 : C~S Clothes box x2
Day 3 : Putting Guide x5
Day 4 : B~S Club box x1
Day 5 : B~S 2PC Ball box x2
Day 6 : 500 Rubies
Day 7 : Class A Club box x1

* Login reward is only given during the event period (Rewards cannot be received after the period even if all 7 days rewards not received).
* Each reward is given only once during the event period (No additional reward will be given after all 7 days rewards received)
* Recconnection is required to receive the login reward if the date changes.

Don't miss this chance!

Your SOG: WC Team