Consecutive Login Event!

4/4/2018 8:42:30 AM

Hello golfers!

We're having a Login Event from April 13th to April 26th (GMT).

Get rewards by logging in on 7 consecutive days!

Day 1: 10,000 Gold
Day 2: 1x Clothes Box (Class C - S)
Day 3: 10x Putting Guide
Day 4: 1x Ball Box (Class A)
Day 5: 300 Rubies
Day 6: 2x Clothes Box (Class C-S)
Day 7: 1x Newest Clothes (Top)

* Login rewards are only given during the event period (rewards cannot be received after the period, even if rewards for all 7 days were not received).
* Each reward is given only once during the event period (no additional rewards will be given after rewards for all 7 days are received).
* Players who are online when it turns midnight must reconnect to record a login for that day.

Don't miss this chance!

Your SOG:WC team