Notice on change in service within Belgium

11/16/2018 3:17:03 AM

Hello, Golfers!

First, this notice is only for the golfers in Belgium, and golfers from other nations will not be affected by any of the following issue.

Unfortunately, the new game policy in Belgium resulted that SOGWC is no longer able to provide service. From November 20th, no more game update will be possible from AOS/ iOS market.

Please note the following details.

<Limit on Game Use> **Applies only to Belgium

- From November 20th, downloading ShotOnline Golf: World Championship is no longer available from AOS, IOS Market

- From November 20th, while Game is being updated to AOS, IOS Market, update and game play will not be available.

- From November 20th, In-APP purchase is no longer available.

We appreciate every golfer from the Belgium for enjoying SOG:WC, and we were happy to have you on our green field.

We are sorry that SOG:WC is no longer be able to meet you guys due to the sudden market closure.

We sincerely hope to meet you again with better services and contents in the future, and we promise to try our best to make it happen.

Best regards,

Your SOG:WC Team