7/20 Update – Guide

7/18/2018 6:24:56 AM

Hello Golfers!

We would like to provide you all with some info on our 7/20 update.
This update focuses on providing a smooth game experience to all our golfers worldwide. 
We hope these changes will make SOG:WC even more fun for you!

Here's what's new and improved with the 7/20 update:

1. 3-Hole Match
- A new 3-Hole Match ticket has been added 
 > The first 9-hole play is free of charge and additional play requires a 3-Hole Match ticket.
 > Tickets for 3-Hole Matches can be purchased with rubies or obtained randomly from Fortune Boxes.
- Victory reward for 3-Hole Match has been changed
 > Daily victory rewards are now available up to 5 times.
 > Victory reward has been changed from Club Boxes to Instant Open/Upgrade Tickets for Fortune Boxes.

2. Fortune Box
- Instant Opening Ticket and Upgrade Ticket have been newly added
 > Instant Opening Ticket: This item can instantly open the Fortune Box. The number of tickets required to instantly open each box varies.
 > Upgrade Ticket: This item upgrades the Fortune Box. The number of tickets required to upgrade each box varies.
- Instant Opening Ticket and Upgrade Ticket can be obtained in 3-Hole Matches or events.
- Display of opening and receiving a Fortune Box have been changed.
- Probability info for Fortune Box has been added. Probability info is displayed at the bottom right after tapping a Fortune Box.
- Upgrade Ticket cannot be used for Fortune Boxes that are already in the process of unlocking. Please upgrade the Fortune Box before unlocking it.

3. Bug Fixes
- Fixed a problem where a player sometimes lost an extended match of the Betting Challenge when playing closer to the hole than the opponent.
- Fixed a problem where no mentality is consumed when using a skill in a 3-Hole Match.
- Fixed a problem where the use of ball/club cover in a 3-Hole Match is not counted in related events.
- Fixed a problem where the distance calculation of the putting guide was sometimes incorrect.
- Fixed a problem where an additional hole can be seen on the green.

4. Other
- Brand new Fitting Kit Box (Class C-A) has been added. It is more advanced than the existing Fitting Kit Box (Class D-B+) and will be on sale soon.
- 3-Hole Match UI has been changed to make it easier to use.

We thank you for your patience and for the feedback you've been sending us.
We'll keep on improving your favorite mobile golf game to make sure you're having the best gaming experience!

Your SOG:WC team