9/10 Update – Guide

9/4/2018 9:23:03 AM

Hello Golfers!

We would like to provide you all with some info on our 9/10 update.
This update focuses on providing a smooth game experience to all our golfers worldwide. 
We hope these changes will make SOG:WC even more fun for you!

Here's what's new and improved with the 9/10 update:

1. New Content: Royal Clubs/Royal Stones
- Royal Clubs and Royal Stones have been added!
- Royal Clubs
  > Premium items that have substantially higher stats and abilities than regular clubs.
  > Ratings can evolve from 1 star to 5 stars.
- Royal Stones
  > Material essential for the production and evolution of the Royal Clubs.
  > Royal Stones can be purchased directly from the shop or gained through various events and rewards.
- The rewards for certain Academy main missions have been changed to the Royal Stone, and for those who have already completed the missions, the modified Royal Stone reward will be given.

2. New Content: Pro Shop
- The Pro Shop has been added!
- Golfers can produce Royal Clubs and items in the Pro Shop.
- Royal Club production
  > A Royal Club can be made using two level-20 regular clubs and Royal Stones.
  > A Royal Club can be evolved using two level-20 Royal Clubs and Royal Stones.
- Item production
  > Various items can be produced by using other items in the game and event rewards.
  > Through item production, golfers can now produce items such as clothes that were only available in the Shop and events, as well as other special items.

3. Modified Content: Evolution Stones
- Evolution Stones that were classified by rank have been changed to one item without a rating.
- The number of required stones depends on the club's class.
- For those golfers who possess the prior Evolution Stones, these will be exchanged for the modified Evolution Stones according to the class of the stones held.

4. Modified Content: Total Ability
- The Total Ability has been improved by incorporating the practical ability value in order to make it more intuitive to golfers.
- Rankings have been added for Total Ability and they're renewed at specific points in time.
- A character's Total Ability and Total Ability Ranking are now displayed in the main lobby, Betting Challenge, Academy and 3-Hole Match screens.

5. 3-Hole Match
- The Shoot Again feature has been added!
- Shoot Again
  > The Shoot Again function is available when you have logged more than 1 record on each of the 9 holes.
  > You can select up to 3 holes. When you select all 3 holes, you will play in the selected order.
  > If only 2 holes are selected, 1 hole is determined randomly. If only 1 hole is selected, 2 holes are determined randomly.
  > You need a ticket for the number of holes selected when trying for Shoot Again.
- Gold has been added to the basic round rewards of the 3-hole matches.

6. Improved Daily Missions
- An icon has been added to the lobby screen for instant confirmation of daily missions.
- The amount of Gold you can acquire from daily missions has been increased from 13,000 Gold to about 20,000 Gold.
- Completing a single task in the daily missions now unlocks another mission to accomplish.
- Missions that require a lot of play have been revived in daily missions.
- The reward for "Clear All Daily Missions" in Daily Missions has been changed to the Royal Stone.

7. In-Game Improvements
- The ability to adjust the graphics quality of the game has been added to the options.
- Each golf ball now has its own unique visual effects and sounds.
- The shape, size and color of the ball-landing marker used during rounds has been changed and improved to give more accurate information depending on the terrain of the target area.

8. Other
- The amount of Gold needed for club fitting and evolution has decreased.
- Facebook sharing has been excluded.

We thank you for your patience and for the feedback you've been sending us.
We'll keep on improving your favorite mobile golf game to make sure you're experiencing the very best gameplay environment.

Your SOG:WC team