10/30 Update Notice

10/29/2018 7:43:45 AM

Hello Golfers! 

We would like to provide you all with some info on our 10/31 update.

The Practice Rounding has been added. Here, players can choose a course and hole to play. We hope all our golfers will enjoy the new update for Shot Online Golf: World Championship. 

The details of the update are as follows: 

1. Practice Rounding
- The Practice Rounding has been added to SOG:WC.
- The Pracitce Rounding is a single-round mode where you can play the course of your choice. 
> It's possible to change the courses and holes.
> You will be rewarded after completing all courses.

2. Betting Challenge Courses
- Balance between the Betting Challenges courses has been adjusted.

3. Other
- Game UI has been improved.
- More content, including September clothes and balls, is now available via item production in the Pro Shop.

We appreciate your support and feedback, and we will keep on working to provide a better game experience.

Your SOG:WC team