Weekly Mission Final Reward Compensation Announcement

12/6/2018 6:33:30 AM

Hello Golfers! 

We currently have an issue with delivering the correct final rewards for the Weekly Mission event. 
The correct reward is 4-Star Driver Royal Club (7 Days), but due to a technical issue, players receive a 4-Star Royal Club (7 Days).

As compensation for any frustration caused, we will give every eligible player from the event the 4-Star Driver Royal Club (7 Days), and we will not retrieve the incorrect reward that has already been collected or to be collected. 

[Weekly mission final reward delivery schedule]

Delivery schedule : Dec 10th 2:00(GMT), maintenance
Reward : 4-Star Driver Royal Club (7 Days)

We will try our best to prevent this kind of issue from happening again.

Thank you for your patience.
Your SOG:WC team